Water Purification in Midrand

Water Wise Bio 6-stage Ceramic Reverse Osmosis under counter unit

This is the "Rolls-Royce" of reverse osmosis water purification units with a 90 day full money back guarantee should any diagnosed illness not dramatically improve and there is a 5 year guarantee on the system excluding the filters.  Only R 4 490 (less R200 for EFT payment upon order) including installation in Gauteng.  Add R900 for the unit with a built-in pump where there is low water pressure. We can arrange delivery by courier in South Africa for R300 less and then you can arrange your own installation.

See http://www.water-wise-reverse-osmosis.tk  for more details or to order.

Coolpex 5-stage Reverse Osmosis under counter unit

This is a high quality standard unit with a 5 year guarantee excluding the filters and is only R2 990 (less R200 if paid by EFT upon ordering) including installation in Gauteng.  Add R500 for the unit with a built-in pump where there is low water pressure. We can arrange delivery via courier at R300 less in areas outside Gauteng in South Africa so that you can then arrange you own installation.

See http://www.coolpex-reverse-osmosis.tk for more details or to order.

Filter Units

We have a large variety of normal filter units that are truly affordable and will at least remove impurities and the chlorine out of your drinking water.

See http://www.normal-filter-systems.tk for more details or to order.  


Shower Filters

Your body absorbs more chlorine from a shower than consuming 8 glasses of tap water with standard chlorine content.  At only R500 for a full shower unit and R60 for replacement filters lasting a year there is not a more affordable and necessary protection from inhaling chlorine vapours when showering. 

See http://www.filter-systems-replacement-filters.tk for more details or to order.   

Replacement filters 

We stock all replacement filters and accessories for the reverse osmosis and standard filter units.  The standard bottom filter set for a reverse osmosis system sells for only R395 including delivery in South Africa and includes "do it yourself" instructions.

See http://www.filter-systems-replacement-filters.tk for more details or to order.  

Contact Bruce on 082 446 9216 or visit my websites above. 


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